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Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2018 11:06 AM
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Palm Garden proven to be the best choice to care for my wife Thelma in their memory section. This is the comfort and peace of mind she & I needed for this unexpected journey with dementia.

The compassion and friendliness shown by the staff to our family is comforting. You can’t fake that!

She is happy with her surroundings and often says how well she loves this place. Especially the musical entertainment and activities.

I would recommend Palm Garden of West Palm Beach to anyone, without question!


Paul J.

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My Name is Mr. Joseph A. On my first visit several months ago, I went to Palm Garden of West Palm Beach for Short Term Care. The service and care was of such magnitude, food was excellent, caring, medical supervision, staff that I always knew if I needed to return, this would be the place. Recently I was out to dinner and had a fainting spell. I was rushed to the Hospital. I was admitted to the hospital, and when I was ready to be released I showed them the Members for Life Palm Garden card that I carry with me in my wallet. I said I only want to go here, and showed them my Membership Card. This is my second time here and I didn’t think they could top the first visit, but they did. The care and food is like a resort! Its the only place I will return to and recommend to others! I am happy to say that they got me well enough to go home again.

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RobertMy name is Joseph, I am a Guest/Resident of Palm Garden of West Palm Beach. This is my second stay at Palm Garden of West Palm Beach and I am very happy to be here. It’s my home away from home. They are very concerned about my health and my welfare and take excellent care of me. The Staff is very kind and very knowledgeable. When I was here a year ago, I had a stroke and couldn’t walk, they taught me how to walk again and they got me home. I met up with my Cousin Ruby who lives here long-term, she loves it here as well. I was able to see my Cousin and her children and enjoy meals with her and enjoyed her company playing Dominos and talking about old times. They took care of all my needs here, no worries for me. My Children and Grandchildren even enjoyed their visit here. The Restaurant Dining is Five Star in a Family atmosphere. When I need care again, this is the place, Palm Garden of West Palm Beach. I love it here so much that I would consider giving up my house to stay here long term. I even received a Palm Garden Membership Card, and I am now a Palm Garden Member for Life.

Thank you for your splendid care, Joseph


“My husband is here at Palm Garden West Palm Beach. We have been at “ML” and there is no comparison. Palm Garden West Palm Beach is doing a great job with my husband. We both love it here. The staff is very personable and provides great care. Just wanted to let you all know how happy we are.”

Joanne R.



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